SOLOS Announces New Generation Smart Performance Glasses at CES 2018
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The new generation of SOLOS Smart Glasses expands into running and introduces enhanced software to facilitate real-time coaching and enable group communication. Smart Communication. Ultimate Performance.

Visit SOLOS at Pepcom and Sands Expo booth #45031.

Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN) SOLOS, a unit of Kopin Corporation, today announces a new generation of SOLOS® Smart Glasses. This new edition builds on the original features for cyclists by expanding the ecosystem beyond cycling to empower performance support for runners. SOLOS also includes the most advanced Pupil™ display optics, which enable a 'heads-up' see-through experience with a larger eye box, enabling athletes to safely access their data in real-time. The latest smart glasses offer new audio features including voice control, phone calls, listening to music and group chat communication. Featuring a lightweight and elegant design, SOLOS provides the necessary tools in a seamless experience to enable cyclists, runners and triathletes to reach their full athletic potential. SOLOS will be on display throughout CES at Pepcom and Sands Expo, booth #45031.

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New Generation SOLOS® Smart Glasses for Cyclists and Runners. (Photo: Business Wire)

New Generation SOLOS® Smart Glasses for Cyclists and Runners. (Photo: Business Wire)

"The first generation of SOLOS was designed with feedback from USA Cycling athletes, and so we used these insights along with those of an entire community of early adopter athletes, including runners, for our new generation that now encompasses both sports," said Ernesto Martinez, program head for SOLOS. "As experienced athletes know, when you look down at your watch or bike computer, your form suffers; you slow down and this affects your finishing times. Add to this taking the time to scroll through features on your smart watch, bike computer or music device, and those seconds start to make the difference between an average performance or your personal best. SOLOS lets you stay focused on the road and on your performance."


The new generation of SOLOS brings expanded running capabilities, offering enhanced software to facilitate running metrics such as elapsed time, speed, power, pace, cadence, heart rate and more. Athletes can leverage wearable sensors to measure their run performance, set targets and use the SOLOS platform to track progress on those targets. In addition to performance features, runners can also listen to music, view mobile notifications and even receive audio and visual turn-by-turn instructions. SOLOS provides runners with a safe and seamless training experience, allowing them to keep their eyes on the road or trail.

Coaching & Group Communication

SOLOS will also connect to a variety of training platforms to facilitate real-time workout goal progress prompts and feedback based on athletes' performance targets. Audio and visual cues offer live guidance prompts during training sessions, not only helping athletes train safer, but also enabling them to reach their maximum performance. In addition to the new coaching integration, SOLOS also provides an advanced group chat communication feature, which allows multiple users to talk live with each other. Great for a group training with friends, the feature also allows coaches and athletes the ability to talk with each other during their performance, extending a coach's capabilities even further, allowing them to provide guidance to slow down, speed up or reach the next heart rate zone.

Hardware & User Experience Upgrades

A key design element of SOLOS is its advanced Vista™ screen display. Measuring just 4mm in height, the size of a human pupil, it enables see-through/see-around vision while casting a large enough virtual screen that features bright, high-resolution full color graphics. The screen cuts glare and provides athletes with a vibrant, sunlight readable image to maximize visual clarity and provide a safe experience.

The new generation of SOLOS offers over five hours of battery life, expanded horizontal and vertical adjustment of the display location for a customizable view, earbuds and audio projection speakers positioned at the temples to improve the overall audio experience. The optics' patented technology provides a large virtual image, yet is so small that athletes can stay focused on the road ahead and simply glance at information as needed. Athletes can now command SOLOS using just their voice to bring relevant metrics into view, make phone calls or execute other functions.

"We're thrilled with the new platform integrations and upgrades because they pave the way for so many more sports in the future," says Tom Futch, Senior Vice President of SOLOS. "The SOLOS platform provides athletes with an enhanced experience that moves beyond traditional wearables and sensors to now provide insights, progress updates and real-time guidance to help them achieve to their full potential."

SOLOS is compatible with Android Wear 2.0 and a variety of BLE and ANT+ compatible running and cycling sensors, to allow athletes to use Strava, Training Peaks and Under Armour during their rides and runs.

The new SOLOS Smart Glasses will be available in Q1 2018 for $499. Visit for more information to reserve yours now.


SOLOS® is the world's most technologically advanced smart glasses. Leveraging decades of Kopin's experience in heads-up displays and other technologies, SOLOS Smart Glasses inform and inspire athletes to reach their full athletic potential. Built for cyclists, runners and triathletes, SOLOS delivers critical information to the athlete in a seamless, integrated fashion through sight and sound. SOLOS provides a more natural way of communicating that's safer and immediate, keeping the athlete focused, present and more fully aware. With SOLOS, athletes get the data they need, right when they need it. SOLOS removes the need to look down, break stride and lose focus; athletes see and hear information right in the moment. SOLOS introduces a new way of communicating that eliminates the gaps between data and performance. Smart Communication. Ultimate Performance. Learn more at

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Forward-Looking Statements

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